The ladies of the Herrgottsgarten
The ladies of the Herrgottsgarten

The ladies of the Herrgottsgarten


The Herrgottsgarten is a wonderful place, that connects people with JOY.

To connect people with JOY is the motivation of the Ladies of the Herrgottsgarten. For they say: "The Herrgottsgarten is a constant source of joy and therefore we like to connect our events to Motion, Nature, Wellness, socializing and enjoyment".

Whether divine wine tours, merry with wine Christmas parties, corporate events, incentives or wonderful events. Whether workshop, conference or company anniversary. We plan and organize lovingly and individually your events in beautiful locations.

Gabriele Berges-Kitzer (renowned consultant to the German wine) and Anke Schneider (certified tour- and hiking guide, recognized consultant to the German wine) enjoy moving in nature and in the beautiful region of the rivers Rhine and Nahe. They are enthusiastic about the wine and the life of their home towns. Their love for Rheinhessen in combination with moving in nature is the inspiration for both ladies from the Herrgottsgarten. With their warmth they can turn every event into a special experience.

The Wine regions Rheinhessen, Rheingau, Middle Rhine and Nahe holds particularly near and close to the hearts of the ladies from the Herrgottsgarten. However, they also travel with great pleasure with their guests to the wine regions of the world such as the Toscana, South Tyrol and Portugal.

The name Herrgottsgarten (Gods garden) means programme

It was during harvest time when Anke Schneider looked over the Rheinhessien hills and vineyards and down into the Rhine valley and could simply marvel over the beauty of nature. With the spontaneous exclamation: "This is the Lord Gods garden!" was all said and the name of the small and fine wine event agency was born.

All wine experiences remind us again and again of the feeling of being in "Gods Garden": Whether it is in the divine gardens and vineyards, whether wine weekends filled with blessings or simply heavenly delights on the programme ...

From their professional life, the ladies already bring along a lot of experience in terms of Event and marketing:

Gabriele Berges-Kitzer, daughter of a winemaker and former wine princess, wholesale clerk and agricultural operations secretary, 25 years of working in a family winery, including 10 years personally responsible as owner of a guest house. Experiences in the classification of guest houses in NatUrlaub.

Anke Schneider, industrial clerk (apprenticeship at the Sparkling wine cellars Kupferberg) 20 years experience as a graphic designer and in marketing. For past 15 years self-employed with her own advertising agency. ?Come to the Herrgottsgarten and be inspired.